Friday, 30 March 2012

ABOUT ALCOHOL !!!!!!!!!!!

About alcohol drinking , start a drink with small peg, which is good for health and eat some food before you start drinking. And take some more high density compare to first peg, the movement is nice with the start of drink.if not affects the health of the body.

Then go round by round with nice movement of drinking, take more food and side dish(use fruits its more health and more stamina) while drinking  alcohol is good for health, otherwise its side effects of our body(organs).and also drink more water in the movement of drinking, after the drinking eat more food for your health.

If you starts drinking in an under age check your body health,when you are drink high quantity or heavy drinking. it affects your body in all functions, so don't like to drink as heavy drink in your life, use alcohol as per your use of enjoying movement and cheer  up the life peacefully.

what is acohol?

y want to drink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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