Thursday, 1 March 2012

While drinking alcohol people doing like this.....

When the alcohol drinkers are drinking they are act as baby,but they don't know they are like that doing , because the alcohol bring out the original humanity of the man.

some of the drinkers are felt down they don't know how to walk(like a baby) and some people are there talk continuously (like a baby)  what subject there are talking they itself don't know, and some people are there , they sleep in bar itself (drinking place itself).

And more people are fight with others while drinking and shout like a animals and her face also changed like animals,alcoholic person smile to unknown person sometimes,act as a mad A lot of people who drink too much they became a unconscious they don't know what they done , if we ask next day u have doing like that means drinkers won't accept  they forget all the things. 

All drinkers are know your limit never pass it.

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